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Object Oriented Design and Architecture, Social Media Strategy and Development, Interactive Strategy and Development for Mobile and Web, 3D Application Development, Data Visualization and Simulation


  • C, C++, Java
  • Javascript/ jQuery
  • Flash, Flex, AS2/ AS3
  • Visualization and Simulation(2D/ 3D)
  • Software Design and Achitecture
  • Product Development
  • Design, Illustration, 3D Modeling


In general, I enjoy creating increasingly engaging experiences through the use of technology. In the past that has meant anything from highly interactive Flash projects to 3D simulations and virtual reality, all of which I still enjoy. However lately that interest has led me to pursue more mobile development, both native and browser based.

As far as research projects go, I’m particularly interested in combining innovative data visualization methods (such as augmented reality and real time 3d projection mapping) and experimental navigation (i.e. motion sensing) to more social problem spaces, like collaborative telepresence.

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